Love is beautiful


   The pure princess Anne and the mature reporter Joe met in Rome accidently and fell in love with each other, I believe that most of us are deeply moved by their beautiful love. The love came so unexpectedly whether to Joe or to Anne, with a little surprise, also with a touch of sadness.
   There is no distinction in the country of love, only love and doesn’t love. Just like in the movie, the noble princess and the reporter without a penny fell in deep love with each other, though sort of painfully. In present Chinese society, free love is a kind of progress. However, there are still a lot of arranged marriages. Time passes, the times are different, people should be more open and the quality of people should be higher, I can’t understand why people like to bound the pure and beautiful love with the traditional concept of backward until now? Not everyone a prince or a princess, not everyone is burdened with the responsibility of a state.
   Love is no national and rational difference, it’s no borders. Britain’s princess and Roman reporter can fall in love, how about people today? I believe that more and more people can accept love between foreigners, but there are still many people cannot accept it. Cultural bias and discrimination will directly lead to the wrong idea towards love and marriage between foreigners. For example, in Asian countries, how many people can develop love with black skinned people? Not to mention the marriage. Even the same color of skin, out of habit, language, each other’s family and so on, people usually give up their love.
   Love is pure. You cannot measure it with money, power and status. Though they are very rare, even we often strain every nerve to pursue them, but they are always substance. Joe gave up the opportunity to achieve success for Anne, though he knew he and Anne belonged to different world and would eventually separate and take different paths. Ridiculously, there is sharp contrast between this and modern society which is quickly developed. A lot of people seem to lose their way in face of all kinds of material. They are busy every day, but they don’t have the pursuit in spirit. To achieve success, they usually ignore the feelings of families and friends. They won’t give up their career and success for love while they can do the opposite.
   Love is beautiful, not only for that when it comes, it brings happiness to us, but also for that even if two people cannot be together in the end, the recollection is beautiful enough to let a person feel no regret, just like Anne and Joe in the movie. Now I can understand why people are always missing the first love. In first love, we are attached to each other, meanwhile, we obey the ritual, the emotion then is very pure and beautiful. Among people, the most precious are pure and deep feelings. Perhaps only when we go though a relationship engraved on my soul can we understand that some letting go is against our will and, time and distance cannot erode it but highlight its beauty and value.
   After watching the film, I had tears trickling down my cheeks. May true love last forever.

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