dream and reality


Aristocratic culture is very popular in western countries.There are numerous films about life of royal or noble families in western word,and Roman Holiday is a classic in the history of film,for though it was made in the 1950s,people of younger generation today still enjoy it a lot.
Princess Anne gave viewers a deep impression--she was elegant and beautiful,and at the same time,she was also an active,pure and unshackled girl,unlike a traditional lady.Screenwriter and makers always tend to show something that quiet different from the reality in the movies,leading viewers to imagine and crave a strange world--noble life is one of the most intriguing fields for people in the last century,even today. Some people even speculate that the Princess Anne was based on Princess Margaret,sister of Elizabeth II.What’s more,in people’s hearts,romantic love can never absent in the kind of movies,especially true love between cinderella and prince or princess and poor guy,which may sparked people’s interest.
In the end,Princess Anne preferred her responsibility to her love,which reflected the reality to some degree--you win some and lose some.What we can see is that people from the upper class live a comfortable life,and what we can’t not see is the responsibility they shall bear.Roman Holiday is an excellent work that combines dream with reality.

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