the love of Rome


Roman Holiday is one of my favorite films. I have watched it for many times, and each time I was moved deeply by the story.
Every girl has a dream to become a princess. We all love the story about Cinderella. We are told that if you are kind enough, diligent enough, and maybe someday ,we can have the glass slippers and marry the prince.
But the story in the film is totally different. In this story Ann was a real princess, but she was tired about the royal life. As there were too much rules and too busy schedule to tolerate. So one night, she decided to escape from the embassy. Then she met a handsome reporter Joe Bradley who spent the holiday with her. Even though they finally fell in love with each other, they had to bid farewell. Not totally a happy ending, but it caught more people’s hearts than a fairy tale.
For the first film I knew the film, because the chief actress is Audrey Hepburn. She showed us a lovely princess, who was very beautiful and elegant, but also had a sense of rebellion. So she escaped from her ordinary life , she cut her hair ,tried the cigarette .she did everything she could not do as a princess. She told us the true happiness was not to be a princess but to be who you want to be. And in the end, she decided to come back for her duty to her country and people. It moved me a lot. Everyone has his own dream but no one could escape from the reality for we all have something we must to do .It is only a holiday. A day we can never forget.
Now when I learned something about western culture, I think I could enjoy the movie from a new perspective which is about the Rome Referring the Rome, the first thing you may think is the famous saying “ I come, I see, I conquer. “ Rome is a country which likes wars and conquest. There were also some famous heroes we can think about: Julius Caesar, Augustus and so on. And we shall never forget the Roman laws. However in the film, we can feel more about the Roman culture and architecture which is also a great treasure for the world.
Follow the journey of Princess Ann .the first stop is The Spanish square. It is famous for its ladders, through which you could get to the Trinity Church in Rome. There are totally 137 ladders, near the ladders you can see some words carved on the wall “Poet John Keats in this dead in 1821.” And now many tourists will come here for the film, you can just sit on the steps to eat ice cream and image that you are having a Roman holiday.
Then Joe took Ann to the the Colosseum, it is the greatest amphitheater of Rome. It was built by the order of Roman emperor Titus. In the ancient time it was used to host some crucial perform: the slaves fight with beasts or the slaves fight with slaves. The wreckages remind us of the blood history. But the architectures are really miracles. You can see the Tuscan, Ionic and Corinthian. You can also see the typical Roman arch. It has an strong impact on the modern building.
Besides, we can never forget the Truth of Mouth. It is a stone mask for the river god. Actually it is a drain for the Santa Maria in Cosedin. It was said that if someone told a lie, his hand could be bitten by the mouth. Now it gets a new story: if a pair of lovers put their hands into the mouth, it means the true love.
The last place they went is Castel Sant' Angelo where they kissed for the first time and found they were falling love with each other. Castel Sant' Angelo was built by the Emperor Adriano as his tomb. And it was used as the shelter for the Pope. It is said that the Pope had saw the angle came to protect people and it can be the origin for its name.
“Which of the cities visited did Your Highness enjoy the most?”
“Each, in its own way, was unforgettable. It would be difficult to - Rome! By all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.”
It is the final answer by the princess. We will all love Rome, for its wonderful history, for Its laws, roads, and culture. And maybe we just love Rome for the film. On the holiday, a beautiful girl met a handsome boy, they visited the city together, and left an unforgettable memory. We call it love.

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