"Roman Holiday" is a 1953 romantic drama shot by American Paramount, tells the story of a romance between a princess of a European principality with an American reporter occurred within one day in Rome, Italy.

   "Rome" Cold War era as the Western hegemony across the 2000 history, to the West left a religion, architecture, military, art and other aspects of the numerous cultural, Romania and Russia as well as the self-proclaimed god successor, the most critical is Rome's own country, West Rome and East Rome perished, exists only in people's memories, stay in the most glorious era.
 The movie brought to Rome romantic color, let people see the more modern Roman life atmosphere, so I have the impression not only stay on for those glorious history of ancient Rome.

The ancient capital of Rome, witnessed their romance. Outdoor cafes, Roman arena, before the stone chisel statues, votive stone walls, the party boat in a small apartment ...... Joe Roman in many places, even the police, they had to have left the scene, Unconsciously, feeling quietly accumulate in dribs and drabs, when diving to escape when they hunt for agents and successfully climbed, affectionate kiss riverside enough to explain everything.

However, not all fairy tale endings can make, "the prince and princess from a happy life together," the name called "holiday" was only just 24 hours after the end of the holiday, everyone's life will be back on track. So when Annie finally realized its due responsibilities and obligations to family and country, she only reluctantly part, sadly bid farewell to his wife, return to the royal family.

Although the two subsequent press conference, but also goodbye one last time, but this is so far away, because of the identity, but can not recognize each other, staring each other only through the dedication, soulful eyes, and a pun words to express their feelings and filled with complicated love.

"Love is the Roman, of course, is a Roman!" Only this one has been worth a thousand words.

Such an outcome is certainly a pity, but unfortunately it is precisely because of this beautiful, elegant and refined that makes Hepburn temperament and charming smile in our memories forever freeze, become a classic.




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