Sunday, February 21, 2016


This is the third in a five-part series highlighting stories of parents’ experiences in the Hoboken Public Schools Kindergarten program at the four schools in the district. 

Principal Vespignani

We initially enrolled our two boys in a private school for Pre-K. But as we compared their progress and experience with children we knew in the Hoboken Pre-K program, we made the switch. During the next two years, they had fantastic teachers (first at Wallace, then Demarest) who helped prepare them academically and socially. When we received their letters indicating they would be attending Calabro for kindergarten, it was akin to winning the lottery!
Without a doubt our favorite part about school is the teachers and staff at Calabro! As a small school (there is only one class per grade) they instill a real sense of community, respect and pride. On the first day of school, a number of them came up and welcomed us and our sons to the Calabro family. Now, when our sons talk about the school, their teachers and classmates, those values are clearly evident.
Kindergarten at Calabro has been an amazing experience for them. Their teacher immediately took the time to learn about each of them (as twins): their strengths, needs, even down to where they should sit in the classroom. The principal of the school and his staff are incredibly dedicated to building a community and ensuring that both parents and students are involved to the full extent possible.
As twins, we wanted our boys to attend a school where they could spend time together but develop and express themselves as individuals. Calabro provides them with just that: the small class size coupled with AMAZING teachers, who have taken the time to understand how they learn as twins and individuals, has exceeded all of our expectations!
Maria Oblow, proud Calabro Mom

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